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What We Do


We know how effective therapies can resolve a bunch of physical discomforts, including lack of detoxification, low metabolism, obesity, etc.


Our luxurious ambiance offers exclusive facilities to every exhausted individual to utilize their leisure in the blissful spa massages to enhance circulation in the body.

Hair Treatment

Our salon services offer contemporary hair treatments, including non-surgical hair replacement, hair weaving, etc.

Feel The Ultimate Bliss Of Refreshment

Say goodbye to all your body exertions and wipe out all stress on your mind. We have highly luxurious and seasoned accommodation for contemporary spa treatments. Our proven therapies in healthy, refreshing, and romantic aura offer ultimate relaxation both for body and mind. Our well-decorated and well-equipped ambiances create such moods, which rejuvenate the whole sensation of the body. Our magnificent backdrops bring a refreshing sequence of pleasure to restore the vigor of body and spirit of mind. Join our best spa in Nagpur to see off all the anxiety of daily routines.

Different alignments of modish salon equipment and spa furniture take care of your ultimate comfort zones at the best level. So, we are here to give your desired peace & pleasure, which turns you energetic through different refreshments-sessions while you feel exhausted in the race of daily routines. Therefore, in our Nagpur spa center, we give our best efforts through overall arrangements to pamper the body and souls of tired selves.

Most people are now more susceptible to contract diseases because of the quality of modern life. The increase in stress that people are subjected to lowers their immune system, making it necessary to provide them with a solution that may combat stress like a relaxing massage.

Stress can modify your physiologic functions and also is the reason that reduces immune defenses also. Too much negative stress can affect health of a person especially if they are not able to cope well with the situation. Negative stress not only affects the body physiologically, but emotionally as well.

Today, you will come across many stress management practices that can be practiced by a person in order to minimize the level of daily stress that are encountered on daily basis. One of the most special ways that stress can be managed with is by having regular Full Body Massage Spa Nagpur sessions.

Nagpur Spa Center Location
Shop No – 7, 8 , Aradhana Complex, Gokulpath Rd, opposite NMC Office, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010
Contact Number:- +91 8767 295 366 / +91 95790 90903
Email Address:- [email protected]

Why Visit Moss Spa For Best Spa In Nagpur ?

Getting Spa and massage at parlor helps in instant relaxing and recuperating from fatigue and tiredness.

A massage parlor is a great place to rest or recharge the human spirit where customers can receive a massage to the whole body or on some parts of the body. The spa center is best location to visit where professional therapist with qualified training gives a massage as needed by the customer.

Nagpur Spa Centre – Call Now 087672 95366

There are many myths you must have listen about today’s Nagpur Spa Centre. Sometimes it is synonymous with brothel as the term “massage” is also used as a euphemism for paid adult favors. Many people think they are seedy places in which all manner of adult acts takes place, but the reality is that many massage parlors differs in their services.

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